A Day in Liverpool, England

On the morning of the 15th of April, we woke up early, said goodbye to Caroline who wasn’t joining us for the rest of the journey, then got on a plane for Liverpool. Our first stop was to find a hostel, then we went exploring! We saw the Kings Dock, Albert Dock, Ferris wheel, went into the Tate Museum which had some crazy modern art, went to, but not inside, the Beatles Story Museum, the Pier Head, Underwater Street, Sailors Cathedral, St. George’s Hall, Museum of Liverpool, Princes Docks, Derby Square, Town Hall, down Bold Street which is the shopping centre, where I purchased a t-shirt because it was too sunny out for my warm clothing, China Town with the biggest arch outside China, and saw the Liverpool Cathedral. In the midst of that, Bethany, Jennie, and I bought a 60p chocolate cake from Tesco, and ate it with our hands since we didn’t have cutlery. A lot of people laughed at us. I’m sure we were a funny sight to see! The evening was really special because my flatmate Emma came into Liverpool from the Wirrel (a 15 minute train outside of Liverpool) to join us for dinner at this very yummy Brazilian restaurant in Liverpool One. It was so nice to see her and catch up as it had been a couple weeks since we had seen each other. After dinner, we said goodbye to Emma and went to McDonald’s to steal wifi to plan Italy, and then went to the hostel to sleep.

The next day was very peaceful and just a really nice day. We woke up, packed our bags, and went back to the Liverpool Cathedral to see the inside. It was massive and gorgeous. Then we saw the Metropolitan Cathedral which was very ugly and weird. We walked through Liverpool University and pretended like we were students there and not tourists. Then Jennie and I took a train to the Wirrel to spend the day in the country with Emma, while Bethany stayed in town working on a paper due during our trip. Emma picked us up from the train station, and took us to meet her pretty horses, then to her house to make lunch. Her house and town were perfectly English quaint settings with lots of green grass and cute houses. We walked through the town which took no time at all, and it was so so fun to see where she grew up and lives. We had such a nice time together, and then had to head back to Liverpool to catch a plane to Pisa!

Unfortunately, I have used up all my picture space on my blog, and can no longer publish photos here, but I started a new blog just for pictures, so you can see my photos from my time in Liverpool here: http://andheresmypictures.wordpress.com/. Enjoy!


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