Revision Week

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s exam season here at the University of Edinburgh. I tried to ignore this as much as possible after getting home from Italy, and spent the next day going through pictures, catching up with flatmates, and blogging about my adventures. I also got to Skype my friend John to plan my trip out West to Seattle and Vancouver this summer, and I’m so VERY excited to visit both cities and see both old and new friends. Later that night I met up with a friend who had also just been in Italy to talk about our time there, and went to bed early as I was still sleepy from travelling.

The next day was Thursday and my revision began. First up is a 3,000 word paper on Postcolonial Poetry, a class I took last semester, forgot, and am now being tested on. It was rough going at first, but I’m almost done the paper now. Mike and I made a yummy dinner of chicken fingers, corn bread, and salad, and then I set off with the girls to knitting night, where we hung out and started watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but we all got really tired and went to bed early. Riveting, I know.

Friday was a pretty good day. Made some headway on my paper, and had a potluck dinner at the guy’s flat to belatedly celebrate Fraser’s birthday. There was tons of delicious food and good company. After, I went to Mike’s flat. His flatmate is a leader in the Politics society, and invited people from the society to come over for drinks. I met some cool people and had a nice time.

On Saturday morning I woke up feeling properly stressed about my paper, but I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, because of social plans. My friend Jennie and her friend came into town so we went to Elephant House for lunch and randomly met some Canadian backpackers who we chatted with for a bit. Afterwards, Andrea and I met up and went to Fudge Kitchen on the Royal Mile. They had a deal to buy 3 get 1 free, so we bought ours together to get a free one! Then we found a hidden garden to snack in and catch up. It was so nice outside and I didn’t want to do school, but I dragged myself to the library and got some work done. After working, I went to Mike’s and brought him some fudge.

On Sunday, I got up early and went to the library. All day.

On Monday I also did lots of work, and saw Mike. I discovered a trampoline in his flat’s courtyard so I naturally had to bounce around for a bit. I also got on the tire swing, which was pretty cool. Sometimes, you just gotta forget exams and be a kid. I made a new recipe for dinner- honey garlic chicken with lime cilantro rice, and it was great. I’ll make it for you, parents, when I get home if you want.

Tuesday was filled with more essay writing. In the evening, I went out to dinner with a friend. We got noodles and ice cream. Afterwards, Monika and I went to the Beltane Fire Festival at Calton Hill, which was pretty cool I guess, but we are pretty short, and couldn’t see too much of the performance. The Beltane Fire Festival is inspired by the ancient Gaelic festival of Beltane which began on the evening before 1 May and marked the beginning of summer. It’s kind of just a weird pagan ritual thing turned public holiday with colourfully painted people dancing and holding torches and was actually kinda odd, but interesting.

On Wednesday I wrote the majority of my paper, and then met up with Mike to play soccer in the Meadows. It was sooooo nice to play soccer, and we had warm weather and it was really excellent. We had a really good time, and afterwards started watching the Hobbit and had a nice dinner. Then I went to Connor and Fraser’s to return the soccer ball, and ended up staying there a bit before coming home and finishing up my paper.

Today is Thursday, and I put my final touches on my paper and sent it off to mom for proof-reading. Made some pancakes with Canadian maple syrup, returned some library books, got groceries, sent off some postcards, and am taking the day to relax before starting my next essay tomorrow. I am currently re-reading The Lord of the Rings, and it’s soooo nice to be reading for fun again, instead of for school.

I try as much as possible to ignore that this is my last month in Scotland. I really really can’t believe it, and I really really dislike thinking about it. I’m trying to memorize what everything looks like and be conscientious with my time, although it’s hard with exams to do everything that I want to do, because school is a major priority. I wish testing were over so I could just enjoy the last few weeks here. Maybe I will miss my plane and never go back. (Just kidding mum and dad). The next few weeks are very busy with exams, my birthday, friend’s birthdays, end of term parties, packing, and fitting everything into the rest of the time that I have. Here’s to 29 more days.

To see my pictures from this past week, please go to


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