May 3- May 20

Phew, it’s been a while! But exams are finally over, and I now have time to give a lil update on what’s been happening here on exchange in Edinburgh 🙂

A good deal of the past couple weeks was dedicated to studying, and paper writing. Thankfully, my exams were not too difficult, and I’m confident that I passed them, so I should get all my correct transfer credit. My last exam was the 17th, and I exited the exam hall to a horde of students throwing flour and eggs around; apparently, tradition here is that for someone’s very last exam in uni, you throw these ingredients at them. I had to dodge around targeted people to make it out un-dirtied!

Other than exams, time has been filled with end-of-the-year parties, goodbye parties, birthday parties, and lots of cooking with Michael. We have been watching the Hobbit, and it’s been so fun because I am re-reading The Lord of the Rings, so my mind is in Middle Earth a lot of the time. It was pretty sunny last week, and I enjoyed picnic lunches in the Meadows and breaks from revision with friends. Michael took me out to a very yummy Indian dinner and then we got ice cream and sat in the Meadows and met a very nice doggy.

One night a big group of friends went to a pub to support our friend Fraser who was playing music at the open mic night. It was super fun to hear him perform and to relax with friends instead of stressing about school work. We’ve had knitting night as usual, and my friend Connor’s friend, Lars, who lives in Germany surprised us all with a visit, and he just turned up out of the blur during knitting- it was super cool and fun. He visited earlier in the year, so it was nice to see him one more time.

On the 9th, Mike and I made French toast and bacon and it was just like Canada with our maple syrup. The tenth was my birthday and I had a really nice, relaxing day. My best girlfriends and I went to Portobello beach for the day and had a picnic lunch, walked along the water, went to an arcade, got ice cream cones, went into the little shops, went to a pub, and dancing to Taylor Swift’s song 22. In the evening, we had a potluck dinner with all my closest friends, and Mike and I watched part of the Hobbit. My awesome friends got me some great presents including a dress, a cupcake stand, and re-usable cupcake hugs. I call them hugs. I think the proper term is… cupcake moulds or something.

On the 11th, I did a bit of studying, and party hopped in the evening. Our friend Hanie had an end of the year party and then we went to Joel and Ziwen’s going away party. It was a really really fun night of dancing and seeing old and new friends. That day in America my friend Annie got married!! I was so sad to miss the wedding, but so happy for her and can’t wait to see her again and hear about it.

The twelfth was Mother’s Day, so I tried to Skype my family, but it didn’t work so great. The internet here is really sketchy, but I got to see the family for a little bit, and I’m wondering what all they have changed about the house that will be weird and new to me when I’m home in… T-11 days. I believe I studied most of that day, and the evening was a surprise birthday party for my flatmate Monika. Her birthday is in the summer, so we decided to celebrate her early 🙂 It was a lot of fun to have everyone over and continue the festivities of the weekend with another birthday.

The thirteenth was a lot of studying, and then I went to Mike’s flat for a going-away gathering for his flatmate, Alexander. We had a really nice time seeing all his friends and catching up with people. Mike and I went to Teviot, the student union (which is basically a building composed of bars), to watch the Leafs hockey game… They lost, so we don’t talk about it. Regardless of that, it was a very good night and sad to say goodbye to Alexander.

I was in panic mode the subsequent four days, in which I had 3 exams. I had absolutely no food so Mike was amazing and either cooked for or with me or got me food. One night I ordered takeout for the first time and had it delivered to my flat. I have never done that before, and it was the weirdest thing ever, but also kinda fun. I got Indian food from the place Mike and I ate at earlier in the week; it was too good to resist! After my first exam, Mike and I had dinner together and it was a very easy exam. That night, my buddies and I went to the Golf Tavern for a pub quiz, and we got second place, winning 20 quid worth of drinks, so the 10 of us each got a 2 pound pint, and it tasted even better because it was free.

Mike I went back to Golf Tavern the next day, because I had spotted a maple burger that sounded really good made with maple syrup and candied bacon and Canadian sounding things. We ran into the guys who were golfing, and had a good chat with them. Dinner was yummy, and then it was back to the books for my last exam on Friday the 17th on Indigenous African Religions of sub-Saharan Africa. I studied all day, took my exam, went to the grocery store, and baked a giant cookie which I decorated with fruit in the form of Norway’s flag. Random, right? Well…. actually, no. Because the 17th was Norway’s Constitution Day! Mike’s flatmate is Norwegian and he hosted a potluck dinner and party at their house to celebrate the special day. We had hot dogs and it kinda felt like July 4th. My dessert was a big hit though, so that was happy because I was really rushed making it.

On Saturday, Michael took me to North Berwick for a lovely day together. It was actually kinda a lot of unfortunate events that we just had to laugh at. We returned a lost cat to its house, which made us miss our train, so we had to wait for the next one, which was ok but just not the greatest start. Then it rained literally all day and the wind was intense. We went inside to a sea creature museum thing, and I was looking at a mug, which I accidentally broke, so that was a whopping 14 pounds of the 15 pounds I brought with me. It was pretty terrible, and the most expensive mug I have ever, or will ever, purchase. But we had a nice time despite these things, and what was important was to be together. We strolled through the town, entered some shops, went to the gardens and had lunch outside, and the best part was probably going to Tantallon Castle which was right on the coast and a pretty cool, old castle that we explored. The wind almost knocked us over a million times, but thankfully we survived! We missed our bus back into the city, so we had to take a taxi which kinda sucked, but whatever we were safe. Then we took the train home, walked along the Royal Mile looking at shops, then went home, and he made me a really yummy dinner and explored the world of YouTube. When I got home in the evening, Lotta, Emma, and the guys were all coming over to watch EuroVision, a singing competition between the European countries. It was super fun to watch together, and I made a big batch of no bake cookies for everyone.

Sunday was glorious because I slept in to the nice hour of 10, which I haven’t done in ages because of exams. Mike and I made a delicious orange chicken dish for supper and watched a couple episodes of Friends. The evening entertainment was another party, this time hosted by my flatmate, Monika. A bunch of friends came over and we just had some drinks and talked. I had to say a lot of goodbyes, which was no fun at all. It’s extremely surreal that the end is so near. People were over super late, and a couple guys even slept in the kitchen because they were too lazy to walk home, but I went to sleep early-ish so that I don’t mess up my nice sleeping schedule. Sunday was also a very big day for my friend John who graduated from Whitworth University. I’m so happy for him; congrats, John!

Today is Monday, and I’ve had a really good day overall, but also sad because I had to say more goodbyes. I slept in today after last night’s party, then went to Mike’s for my breakfast, his lunch. We cooked, ate, and finally finished the Hobbit. His last exam is tomorrow, so I walked him to the library to study, then went on my way to do chores. Sent off a few postcards from my last big trip, and started present shopping for my family. So you all better like what you get! I also got a massive crepe that I’ve been wanting all year, and finally decided to treat myself to it since I don’t have much more time to enjoy these little things. During the day, I quickly met up with Charlotta to say goodbye, or as I like to say, see you later. She flew back to Sweden today, and I will miss her very much. After chores, I came home and watched the new Game of Thrones. Then Emma, Monika, Gon and I made brownies with oreo and had a last quiet evening together. Mon and Gon go to Spain tomorrow, so we had to say another “see you later” which was really sad. I’ve loved living with Monika the past 9 months, and have been so blessed by her company.

As you can maybe guess, the next 11 days are to be filled with goodbyes, packing, and lots of chores. I shall keep you posted as well as I can. You can view my pictures from the past couple of weeks at

Thanks so much for reading. We’re almost at the end of our journey together through this year abroad. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve decided to ignore that I am leaving soon so that I don’t get too emotional about leaving this city and all these people who I love.



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