May 21-30: The final countdown

May 21st was a Tuesday, and in the morning while Mike took his last exam, Andrea and I went to the Meadows to enjoy the sunshine and catch up. The trees are finally in bloom, the sun is out, and the Meadows is the place to be. Students, families, kids, and dogs cover the park with BBQs, sports games, playing fetch, and sun tanning. It’s so relaxing and beautiful. After spending time with Andrea, I went to Mike’s flat and it was officially summer for us both! We had lunch then decided to go outside and enjoy the warmth. We walked through the Meadows to downtown, went in some shops, and climbed Calton Hill for a glorious view of the city. We soaked up the sun a bit then descended the hill and walked along Rose Street, where we sat outside, got drinks, and listened to a nearby street musician. It was so relaxing and nice. We meandered home, cooked dinner, watched a show then went to Malone’s pub to see and say goodbye to a few of Mike’s friends.

Wednesday morning I woke up early and made cookies for Michael. It was his last day in Edinburgh before heading to Iceland on his way home to Canada. We spent the day together, packing, doing chores, saying goodbye to friends in coffee shops, and cooking the last of his food. I read Staurt McLean while Mike packed and watched the Hangover. Once he was all packed, we had tea with Joakim, Mike’s flatmate, and they said goodbye.

Mike left early Thursday morning and I saw him off in the taxi that bore him away. That was not a fun day.

On Friday, my flatmate and I decided it would be good to get out of the city for a while and spend a last day together, so we went to the Isle of Arran, which was a brilliant idea and we had a really nice time. We took a 2 hour train then a 1 hour ferry and were on the Isle! On the ferry, we met a nice old Scottish woman who showed us pictures of her daughters and told us all about her life. She was really sweet and loved her kids very much. Friday was a really sunny day, and I even got a little rosy on my cheeks. When we stepped off the ferry, we smelled chips and vinegar which made out tummies grumble, so we grabbed some chips and cheese and had a wee picnic with a stunning view of the water and the mountainside. We were only there for a few hours, so instead of rush to get things done, we just relaxed and went for a long walk along the beach. We met lots of adorable puppies, picked up seashells, and enjoyed the beautiful landscape. Late afternoon we made our way back on the ferry to the mainland then took the train back to Edinburgh. We arrived home around 8:30, dropped our stuff at our flat, then went to Teviot to share a drink with the guys. We had a nice time together, but then had to say bye to Ziwen and Ciaran who both went home on Saturday 😦

Saturday morning Connor and Fraser came over and we chatted a bit before Emma’s parents arrived with their dog, Sally. After a quick hello and petting of Sally, I had to dash off to the Meadows to meet my friend Bethany. It was another gorgeous day, so we enjoyed lounging in the sun and went for a walk around the Meadows. It was packed with people and the cherry blossoms were stunning. After a few hours I came home to say bye to Emma. We loaded her car, and said bye, and I was very sad to see her go. Emma was an amazing flatmate and is a great friend; I’m so lucky to have been in a flat with her. The guys came upstairs for a bit to keep my company, then they walked me to the Meadows to meet Andrea, who was coming on a photo-taking excursion with me. I realized that I didn’t have many pictures of Edinburgh, and as it was clear blue skies, I decided to go all over the city to capture its beauty. So the boys went home and Andrea and I went all over the city like the annoying tourists we are always annoyed with. Picture taking took 4 or 5 hours, and I got home around 9 just in time to get ready for a friend’s End of Term party. I took a quick time-out from the party to Skype Michael, who was enjoying his time in Iceland. Then I went back to the party for a bit, which was in my building so that’s always nice. Afterwards, Connor and Fraser came over and we watched Pitch Perfect. It was really late when the movie ended so the boys went home and I snuggled up in bed for the night.

Sunday morning I did a few chores then went to the train station to pick up my friend from high school, Hunter! Hunter has been to Edinburgh before so he wasn’t too picky about what to see so I took him on the scenic walk home where we quickly checked train tickets to St. Andrews where he set off to later that afternoon. Once the train was settled, we went to Golf Tavern for a round of drinks where we got to catch up. It was really nice to see someone from home and hear about what’s goin’ on in Tennessee. After drinks, we went to Connor and Fraser’s for a potluck meal with a bunch of stragglers still left here in Edinburgh. I love having friends from home meet friends from Scotland, so that was especially fun for me. After the meal, I walked Hunter back to the train station then did a few errands, came home and started packing. I went to the boys’ for dinner, then met up with Bethany before going to my friend Garret’s going away party. We had a really nice time, and Bethany and I were undefeated in beer pong, niceeee. After a few hours, we grew tired, and left the party to head to our homes and sleep.

On Monday, as with every other day this week, I woke to the sound of construction workers outside my window drilling concrete from 7:45am onwards. It’s unpleasant. So needless to say, I woke up early, got ready, then went to Garret’s to do laundry because it’s free in his building whereas mine you pay for. Then I went to the optometrist for an eye exam. My eyes have been bothering me lately, and exams are free in the UK, so I decided why not? Turns out I should have glasses for work on the computer and to see far away things. He gave me a prescription so I might have glasses the next time I see a lot of you! I did a few chores and shopping around the Royal Mile before coming home to keep packing. In the afternoon, I hung out with my friend Alex who I met the very first week here. Alex left the next day to hike the whole of Hadrian’s Wall, so we said yet another sad goodbye. After hanging out, I went to Connor and Fraser’s flat. They had 12 quid worth of coins so we went to Tesco and bought the whole sweets aisle then went to the theatre to watch the Great Gatsby. The theatre was awesome. Instead of little seats, we sat in leather couches, and were given Pringles and foot rests. It was so cozy. I enjoyed the movie because it was really pretty and I had very low expectations. I didn’t like the book, but found the movie easier to follow. After the movie, the boys walked me home and I quickly feel asleep.

Early Tuesday morning I picked up my laundry from Garret’s flat, then went to the guys’ for brunch. There was so much food. We watched a German film about a little boy who no one in the village likes because he is a troublemaker so they try to send him to America, but then he saves a man’s life during a snow storm and it ends all warm and fuzzy. After the movie, I went to the library to get my laptop looked at, because it is very slow and stupid. Turns out the only day the Laptop Clinic is closed is Tuesday’s, so that was a bummer! Instead, I used a library computer and did an online survey for my orientation leader position in the fall at Queen’s. Then I filled out a ton of paperwork for Transfer Credit which took a couple hours. I came home early evening and did a bit of packing then talked to mum on the phone. Connor called asking if I wanted to go to dinner with him, Fraser, and Connor’s parents, so I left home to meet them and we had a really nice evening. Connor’s parents were so sweet and fun and generous; they bought us dinner and drinks and it was such a treat! We participated in a pub quiz, which we definitely lost. It was a lot of fun though and we went to a pub afterwards then came home to watch some tv and go to bed!

On Wednesday I did more intense packing in the morning. The boys came over at noon to say bye 😦 I will miss them a lot and it was so nice to spend a lot of time together before heading home. At 2, I went to the library to get my computer looked at and was there until 3:30 with the guy running tests and strange computer things that I don’t understand. It’s running a bit better though so that’s nice and he gave me stuff to clean the screen so it looks a lot more pretty, too. Went to a couple shops after the library, then came home to continue packing. Garret come over to say bye and so did Joakim. I don’t much like goodbyes. Garret walked me to the Meadows to meet Andrea who I brought a TON of stuff to since she will be here another year and can make use of all my extra food and school supplies and kitchenware, etc. Garret and I said bye, then Andrea and I carried the boxes to her flat then went out for Indian food. We went to this cute place on Nicholson that I’ve always been curious about, and it was really cute inside and had good food. After dinner, we had ice cream and walked around the Meadows and the city for a while before heading to our homes for the night. I did a bit more packing and watched some tv then bed.

Today is Thursday, and it’s my last day in Edinburgh. I’ve not done much this morning but write this blog. My agenda for the day is to finish packing (2 bags down, 1 to go), buy a last present for the fam, clean the flat, see Andrea, and Skype Emma. I need to get everything in order for tmrw and clean everything out of the flat. A taxi is coming at 5:30am tmrw to take me to the airport, so I’ll update you on everything once I’m home! I know this is a really long post, so thanks for reading, and if you wanna see the accompanying photos, please go to Thanks!!


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