The End

9 months later, and I landed safe and sound in Nashville to a very excited, tearful family with a video recorder several hours later than expected.

On May 31, I woke up at 4:30am (10:30pm the night before in Nashville), finished packing, said goodbye to my lovely triangular room in Sciennes 30/2, and walked out the door with Andrea who came to see me off. We took a taxi to the bus station, said goodbye, and I, along with my 3 very large bags, carry on, and massive purse, hopped on the bus that took me to the airport. I signed in all right and took a nap on the way to Dublin. In Dublin, I went through US Customs and boarded my plane for Chicago. I watched Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (didn’t even know it was out until then), the new James Bond, and Life of Pi. I had an aisle seat, which was excellent, and they gave us lunch which felt fancy even though it really wasn’t.

In Chicago, things took a turn for the worse. My flight to Nashville was cancelled, so I waited in line over an hour to be told that I could take the last seat on a plane that night going to Nashville, 8 hours later. I said I’ll take it, and called mom to tell her the news, only to find out that she booked me on a plane leaving in TEN minutes! I started bawling and ran to the gate, but the plane had already left. So I started crying again and used another stranger’s phone to call mom, during which time the airline workers booked me on another flight a couple hours later. Once our flight was ready to leave and everyone was boarded, the captain announced that all planes were grounded because of a storm, and he didn’t know when we would be able to leave. We sat on the takeoff strip for two or three hours, and it was a horrible, tiny, claustrophobic plane, and I couldn’t stop crying. I was hungry, exhausted, and never before wanted to be in Nashville so badly. We finally took off, and an hour later landed in Nashville.

Of course we were in the farthest gate, so I trekked to the front and met my waiting family. Even though I made it home, my luggage didn’t share the same schedule. So we went out to a Mexican place for a late dinner (around 9pm), then went back to the airport to get my bags before the drive home. Once home, I got to open my birthday presents and give mom, dad, and Sterling their souvenirs from Scotland.

Being back in America is really weird. Its been a week now, and I don’t like it much. I’m still jet-lagged, so going to bed really early. I miss Scotland loads, but am so thankful for the time that I had there. I don’t doubt that I will be back one day (hopefully soon) to visit. It was an amazing year, one I will never ever forget. This will be my last post, so I want to thank all of those who read my blog whether faithfully or sporadically. I hope you enjoyed the read and the pictures! I’ll be starting a cooking blog pretty soon, so contact me if you’re interested in following that.

Hope everyone has a great summer. Cheers!



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"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door," he used to say. "You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to." ~ The Fellowship of the Ring
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One Response to The End

  1. Momms says:

    We’re happy to have you home Nanie but so sad for your adventure to have ended…..but not the case!!!!!….. a new adventure begins now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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